Paintless Dent Removal For Beginners

Gone are the days of filler on car dents. With today’s technological advancements, you can do body repair without having to respray and alter panels. PDR, also known as Paintless Dent Removal, is a modern method that removes dents and large creases from vehicles. Many are now inclined to use this method with the many paintless dent repair course offerings available today.

paintless dent repair course

Why PDR?

Traditional repairs are time-consuming and tedious if not performed right. Shops that use plenty of filler and apply it inconsistently will not make your panels look right. This is what all paintless dent repair course offerings reiterate: traditional methods can damage both paint and bodywork in the future. It also doesn’t address the dent as well as PDR. The latter does not necessitate the use of fillers and sanding, so it’s easy to restore panels to their original condition with this method.

A quick “PDR training near me” Google search will show you how well-received PDR is in the automotive industry. This goes to show that it is a preferred method when it comes to body repairs.

What does PDR cover?

The beauty of PDR is that it can remove dents, dings, and relatively large creases on car panels. This technique utilizes a special tool that proves to be cheaper than replacing a panel or using body filler and repainting. If the dent does not involve any paint scratches, then PDR is the way to go. You can even enrol in a Paintless Dent Removal course if you wish to perform the repairs yourself. All it takes is some time and practice.

The Process

Not only is PDR a cost-effective solution, but it also saves plenty of time as what most paintless dent repair course classes mention. Shops that offer it can have everything done within a few hours to a day, depending on the extent of the damage. For example, cars that suffered from hail damage will take longer as the dents are more likely to cover a bigger surface area of the car.

Why go for PDR?

Shallow dents are rarely a big deal to car owners. These are merely aesthetic damages that will not affect the performance of the vehicle It’s also not unusual to get unnoticeable dents on your car as modern paint jobs are extremely durable. However, those who want to keep their vehicles pristine may want to take a look at PDR.

Pro or DIY?

Leave your car with professionals and pay for a hassle-free experience. But like most car repairs, you have the choice to do it yourself. If you’re the type who can’t just stand dents, then you might be better off trying out one of the many Paintless Dent Removal training courses near you. It’s always going to be a useful skill.

Whether it’s for your own car or doing it for a friend, there will be someone who needs their panels smoothened out. All you need are several special tools and skills that you can easily pick up with the help of The Dent Academy. It’s not a bad investment as well. Who knows? Maybe you might enjoy it and put up a shop of your own in the future.

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New to Uber Driving? Here’s How to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Now that you have acquired a car from an Uber car hire Melbourne service, the next thing you need to do is take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety while driving. From making sure that the seatbelt works and that the vehicle is serviced regularly, there are several precautionary things you need to do to stay safe. While passengers must feel safe, so do drivers too.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to keep yourself and your Uber car rental Melbourne ride from dangerous situations created by riders.

Create a plan before driving

While thinking of a possible attack is not something most people would consider, it does help you prepare in case you encounter such a situation. Hopefully, you will never have to experience assault of any kind, but through it and preparing for an attack can save your life. For example, what do you do if an aggressive passenger yells on the phone, hurls insults at you, or even hits the car’s interior with their fists?

For such an aggressive passenger, it is advisable to stop the trip at once but do it carefully. After all, you don’t want to aggravate the situation further by becoming aggressive too. Instead, drop them off in a well-lit area where they can easily order for another Uber.

Be in-tune with passenger behaviour

Emotional IQ is a valuable skill that helps you read your passenger’s mood and use the information to navigate the trip, from a social perspective. Driving a vehicle from a dependable Uber car hire Melbourne service is a great way of meeting new people, all with different temperaments.

Gauging your passenger mood based on behaviour can help divert a dangerous situation. Signs to watch out for in a threatening passenger are aggressive behaviour, inappropriate language, as well as uncomfortable advances.

Look at the passenger ratings

Uber car rentals Melbourne services provide you with a means of making some money on the side. At the same time, Uber has a rating system that ensures a safe rideshare experience for all participants. Since the beginning, Uber has had a passenger rating system in place, but it’s only recently that passengers can view their ratings.

Allowing passengers to view their rating helps them increase their accountability, increasing the chances of riders maintain good behaviour on all trips. Use the rating system to avoid dangerous passengers and prevent a possible bad situation by denying a ride request.

Select drive time and location wisely

An Uber car hire Melbourne service provides you with a car, and you are in charge of the number of hours and time you work. However, some areas are particularly unsafe after dark, especially those with a high crime rate. If possible, please avoid these unsafe neighbourhoods – there is no point in putting yourself in danger for a few extra dollars!

If you are on the lookout for the best Uber premium cars Melbourne has, call Keyz today at (03) 7020 2085. These rideshare rentals company makes it easy for you to start driving a new car within one hour! For more information, visit read more

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Everything You Need to Know About RAM Motorcycle Mounts

The RAM mount is a familiar piece of equipment in the world of motorcycling. This allows riders to have a mobile phone mounted onto their bike. Nowadays, we have GPS devices, smartphones, and other safety features, like cameras. All of which greatly improve the riding experience. Casual riders, commuters, and long-distance riders swear by having a RAM mount motorcycle owners use.

Installing a RAM mount is quick and easy. A wrench is just about what you need to take on this job. RAM mounts have different bolt sizes, so you may want to invest in a tool kit. Otherwise, the basic tool kits that come with your motorcycle might have what you need to mount one onto your handlebar.

Components of a RAM mount

The RAM mount comprises several parts. The mount’s focal point is the ram ball. Basically, this is a rubber ball mated to the mount which prevents it from moving around. As it is made from rubber, it isolates the electronics you have mounted and absorbs the vibrations coming from the road.

Opposite of the mount is the U-bolt kit. These are the clamps attached to the handlebar of your bike. But, if you don’t want a cleaner look, there are kits that allow you to attach the RAM mount to your mirrors and even the brake master cylinder.

And lastly, you have the attachment itself. You can choose from a variety of RAM mounts according to your needs. We look through the different mounts you can attach to your motorcycle, all of which you can order from

Types of RAM mounts

The mount allows you to fasten devices to it. For instance, the X-grip mount can hold just about anything thanks to its design. It can accommodate basic phones and smartphones. You name it, the X-grip can hold onto it. Its grip is strong enough to withstand high speeds on a motorcycle. This also comes with a safety feature called the tether. This rubber sleeve goes over the device attached to the X-grip and holds it down. This adds to the security of the mount in case you hit deeper potholes or encounter strong headwind.

If you have one of those shockproof cases like an OtterBox, chances are the X-grip RAM mount motorcycle owners use might not have enough room for it. This is where the universal holder comes in. The spring-loaded holder offers a deeper mount that accommodates larger phones and cases.

Another versatile variant is the Suction Cup Base. You can mount this on flat sections of the windscreen or even the tank. What makes it even better is you can use this outside of your motorcycle. Meanwhile, if you happen to have a car and a dashcam, you can simply transfer this mount onto the dashboard or the windscreen of your car.

Interestingly, this mount has several applications as well. For example, the RAM mount motorcycle enthusiasts use are also utilised in automobiles too. Those who want to place a tablet or a laptop on their dashboard can do so with the help of a RAM mount.

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Is cleaning your Van a basic activity?

Some people find cleaning used vans as such a heavy burden. Because of the space it occupies, it takes too much time and effort to clean it. Our cars are our best assets in life. We need to learn and understand how to care for it. That is why before you purchase used vans for sale Brisbane experts recommend, you need to prepare yourself for this task.

Even if the used van looks clean, if you give it a closer look, you can see the stains on your car’s exterior. If you’re planning to buy used vans for sale Brisbane has today, you need to understand how to clean it every time you use it.

Start with the Wheels

First, assess how muddy your tires look. It may need an initial hose down. It is important to clean your tires first to avoid mucking the dirt into the already cleaned exterior. When you’re using a pressure washer, remember not to focus the pressure on its seals or any part that is easy to damage.

Use a stiff brush to remove the hard dirt from your wheels. Then, use a toothbrush to get into the smaller grooves of your tires. Experts do this all the time when buying used vans for sale Brisbane has today. So these cars will look as fantastic as new.

De-grit the surface

Even if your van looks tidy on the outside, you can observe a layer of dirt or oil that is difficult to remove. You can use a traffic film remover to eliminate this dirt without damaging the paintwork and the mechanical parts of your van.

If you are wondering how car establishments clean commercial vehicles for sale, this is one of the tricks to remove the excess dirt that can’t be removed through excessive scrubbing.

Wash and Wax

This is the most fundamental step to make your used van look good as new. Lather the van top down by using a wash mitt, a sponge, or a chamois. When you’re done with the suds, rinse your van with cold water. Then, dry the van thoroughly using a towel. Do not leave it to air dry because it leaves uneven patches to the exterior of your car.

The last thing to do is to wax your van panel by panel. Apply it in the smallest areas using a microfibre cloth, and then remove it using another piece of cloth. Wax it on and off until you get the shine that you suits your eyes. Do this to your windows as well. Except, use a glass cleaner.

This is how experts clean the new SUV for sale QLD dealers offer so buyers can see how amazing and attractive it looks. Now, you can do the same thing to your van too.

It may seem like a difficult task to clean your used van but it’s as basic as showering. All it takes is to make it a habit and cleaning it will be as easy as breathing air. If you want to save money and buy a used van for sale, visit and let the experts assist you find the best option.

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Proper car maintenance tips to beat the Brisbane heat

Extreme weather can cause minor to serious damage in any car. Thus, it’s wise to protect your precious Honda car against the scorching heat in Brisbane.

In particular, you should do proper maintenance to keep it in good condition and comfortable to drive. Moreover, always bring it to a reliable Honda Newstead service centre when you notice any uncertainties.

Additionally, you need to learn the vital points in maintaining your car throughout the hot season. First, you need to keep it cool, without damaging any parts because of wrong solutions. Of course, you should also keep safety in mind, while driving or while servicing your car.

Yes, regular maintenance is still necessary; however, some specific reminders can help you optimize these factors through the hot days.

1. Supply sufficient fluids and lubes

Begin by supplying your Honda car with all the fluid it needs, such as the coolant and battery fluid. Be sure they’re all on a proper level before driving-off the garage.

Next, fill all the lubricants and oils to keep your car’s stellar performance steady. Remember that the heat could dry up oil easily; therefore, having sufficient oil can avoid the fast wearing out of many vital gears.

You can check out accredited Honda dealership and service centres for the best fluid and lubricants to buy. After all, you should purchase the best fluid that can last through the hot days for your Honda car.

2. Optimize the use of the air conditioning unit

Of course, be sure to make the most out of your air conditioning (AC) unit. Put it into recirculating mode since you don’t want the hot and humid air of Brisbane to reach inside your cabin.

Moreover, check your coolant level regularly for superior air conditioning in your car. And be sure to have it regularly checked for best performance despite the heat.

3. Cool your car down occasionally

Engine overheating can cause some of the biggest car damages during the hot season. Thus, be sure to practice cooling down your engine every now and then as you drive.

If you notice your engine temperature gauge going unusually high, for instance, stop your car for a while. Let it cool before driving again.

Moreover, let your engine cool before pouring in any fluid or coolant. Forcing a hot engine to cool down can seriously damage it. Better yet, be sure to supply it with enough fluid before hitting the road. When you notice any engine problem, always bring it to a reliable Honda servicing centre immediately.

On a side note, do not just open a hot radiator cap. Hot coolant tends to spray out which can seriously injure you. Let an expert from Honda Newstead service help you instead.

4. Inspect your tire pressure regularly

Hot weather and the hot road can heat up the air in your tires. This can cause additional tension on your tires, which can affect its pressure. Thus, check your tires regularly to avoid under inflation or over inflation, which can potentially cause your tires to blow-out. This simple reminder can keep you away from serious road accidents. read more

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Why you should make it a habit to follow your car’s scheduled service

Your car’s getting dusty and rusty after a year of driving around Brisbane. Obviously, it’s time for its scheduled service. Perhaps you’re wondering, “Where can I find a reliable Kia service near me?”

You can find one such as the Toowoong Kia service site. They’re authorised by Kia Motors to service and sell cars to Brisbane families.

Now, once you decide to book service from Toowoong Kia, you should make it a habit to follow your car’s scheduled service timetables.

Why is this essential?

Well, read on to find out know why.

Possible problems you can avoid with a regular service

If you follow your car’s scheduled service, you can avoid the following issues.

1. Severe damage to the engine

In a Kia services center, your car can get an oil and filter change. It’s crucial that the two should be replaced simultaneously. If you forego this tune-up, it might cause significant trouble on your engine.

Specifically, if your interior filter deteriorates and fails to catch any metallic objects or any debris, it will be the death of your engine. Therefore, make sure to follow a regular service, so the mechanics can check if your filter is still in one piece.

2. Sudden case of a dead battery

The recent car batteries being produced today now feature end-of-life info. Some types last more than a year, while others die only after a year.

Therefore, to avoid suffering from the sudden death of battery, follow your car’s scheduled service. Book it from a service centre Kia authorised. This way, the technician can inspect your battery and know if it has a few months left. Check it out at Toowong Kia

3. Additional cost for replacing worn tires

Replacing worn tires is pricier than maintaining it. Fortunately, there’s a cheaper way to prolong your tires’ life. You can do a quick search for a “Kia service near me” and ask an authorised centre for a tire rotation service.

A tyre rotation will definitely extend your tires’ life. After this tune-up, you can guarantee that your tires will wear evenly. In addition, you can also ask the technician to fill it with the correct pressure to preserve its life.

Why trust an authorised centre by Kia?

Not all mechanics are knowledgeable and reliable.

For one, not everyone has access to the specifically designed parts and machinery supplied by Kia. Only those certified by Kia can directly operate those to ensure the customers’ cars are appropriately spruced up.

Moreover, some mechanics can definitely rip you off. Given that you only have common knowledge about cars—or none at all—this leaves you vulnerable to scams. You should be wary of additional hidden costs and even lies about using genuine Kia parts.

Therefore, you should only trust in an authorised Kia Sportage service center.

In a manufacturer-approved facility, the mechanics and staff have studied Kia vehicles for an amount of time. They also have access to the designated machinery by Kia for fixing major and minor issues.

More importantly, you can trust them—after all, they have a big name to protect. read more

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Why should you only trust in Mitsubishi-approved service centres near you?

If your Mitsubishi car just turned a year old, then it’s time to take it to a service centre. However, before you call and book a service, you should first make sure that you are dealing with one of the Mitsubishi approved service centres in Australia.

mitsubishi approved service centres

Here’s why you should send your Lancer or Triton to one of those facilities and nowhere else.

1. You will enjoy extra services for more convenience.

Not only do manufacturer-approved centres offer quality tune-ups, but they also provide convenient extras for their customers. For instance, in Brisbane City Mitsubishi, they have a Replacement Vehicle policy. While your car is getting tuned up, they will provide you with a courtesy replacement vehicle that you can drive for the meantime. You just have to tell them ahead when you are planning to get your car serviced.

2. The staff and mechanics know your car inside out.

You wouldn’t want your car to stay in the facility for too long because they need more time to study its issues. This is a sign of an amateur. You would want the real pros to do a quick, but thorough, assessment. This is a sign that they know your car inside out—they don’t need to dissect every part just to pinpoint the problem. Therefore, you should only get a service Mitsubishi approved centres are offering.

3. You won’t travel far just to find a Mitsubishi-approved centre.

There will be consequences if you miss your Mitsubishi’s scheduled service. As a result, it might become more vulnerable to developing a more-serious issue. The good news is that, with over 200 Mitsubishi approved service centres nationwide, you wouldn’t have trouble finding one near your residence or office. You can just find an authorised service centre in your location on Mitsubishi Motors’ website.

4. Your car will only get Mitsubishi-approved parts and fluids.

If you book a Mitsubishi-approved car service Newstead has today, you will be at peace knowing that your car will only receive genuine components and fluids.

On the other hand, if you are just complacent with non-Mitsubishi parts and fluids for your car, it might get major damages. You don’t want any additional costs, do you?

So, never think twice to tap on the services of a manufacturer-approved service centre.

5. The technicians have access to manufacturer-approved equipment.

According to Mitsubishi, they have developed special equipment, such as computers, specifically designed to fix Mitsubishi vehicles. These machines also receive the latest upgrades from Mitsubishi. With that in mind, you should only trust those who have direct access to those devices. This will ensure that authentic, manufacturer-approved machines fix your car very quickly.

In a nutshell…

Your Mitsubishi needs genuine services. To make this possible, only knowledgeable and skilled technicians certified by Mitsubishi should check your car.

Get your car spruced up at Brisbane City Mitsubishi

Brisbane City Mitsubishi is one of the most trusted Mitsubishi approved service centres in Australia. They offer flexible financing programmes and thorough after-sales care service. If you’re looking to add one more Mitsubishi to your collection, they also have an array of new and demo cars. Just browse any of those to see if you can find your type of vehicle. read more

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Great Convenience from a Complete Car Service

Trusting your car to a complete car service can surely bring tremendous convenience to you. This is because of the all-in-one services it can offer, thus you can see it as a one-stop-shop for your car. Just like in Brisbane North, for example, a complete car service Brisbane North has offers stuff that you and your car probably needs.

car service brisbane north

How You Can Have Great Convenience from a Complete Car Service

Let’s say you have a fabulous Citroen C5 with you.  Of course, you want to bring it to a reliable Citroen C5 car service when necessary. However, you would love to experience great convenience through the whole process as well. Thus, you should find a complete car service to help you out.

They Have Complete Tools and Replacement Parts

A complete car service has everything that a mechanic needs to deal with any car problems. Having a complete set of tools and replacement parts means their mechanics could continuously work for your car until finish.

You do not have to go out and buy necessary parts from a different store. You do not have to worry about having sub-standard or fake replacement parts as well. Moreover, regardless of your car’s problem, the mechanic can definitely fix it because of having complete tools to use.

Skilled Staff Will Help You

If a reliable and skilled mechanic will work on your Citroen C5, you can have the assurance that everything will be fine afterward. Especially if he has a complete set of tools that he can use, an expert mechanic in Citroen C5 service can definitely yield great results.

Process Your Car’s Paperwork

Aside from repairing your car, a complete car service Brisbane North has also offers document processing for your car. This includes legal paperwork of your car and its insurance policies too.

This could be a big convenience for you, especially that you do not have to visit some other agencies to process the papers. All you have to do is to avail of such services and let the staff do the job for you.

Have Finance Support for Your Car

Aside from having repair and maintenance services for your Citroen C5, you can also have enough financial support for it. This could include individual loans, business lease, and business loans among many others.

Have All of These for Your Convenience

If you can have a place where you can avail car repair and maintenance services, insurance processing, financial support and many other car services in Brisbane, that should definitely lead to huge convenience for you. All you need is to go to a reliable and complete car service in Brisbane and have everything your car needs in one place.

Not only that you can keep your car in good condition, but you can have a smoother time through any processes as well. Moreover, if you want to know more info about a complete car service Brisbane North offers, you should check out Feel free to browse on the site or connect with them for inquiries.

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Top Perks of Buying Used Cars Instead of a Brand New One

A deluxe advertisement for a brand new car can be truly enticing. However, looking beyond those glossy cars is a number of monetary setbacks. Here are a few reasons why buying from secondhand car dealerships is a better buying decision to make.

1. Get the car model you want to purchase for a lower price tag.

The top obvious reason why people resort to buying secondhand cars versus a new one is that of the price difference. You can get your desired car model for cheap; the only difference is it is a few years older than a brand new one. The quality may not be as good but if you are careful enough in selecting one, used cars are a worthwhile investment.

2. Choose from a wide selection.

Used car dealers can give you a wide selection of car models, different years, colors and brands. You may choose the ones that fit your style and preference without breaking the bank.

If you are on the look for various Mustang editions, there are Ford dealers Beaudesert-based establishments you can go to.

3. Avoid the hefty tax of buying a brand new car.

Most car dealerships will add sales tax on a brand new car and can range to thousands of dollars, depending on the upfront cost of the car. Paying tax is good as it is a legal obligation, but if you have a limited budget, it can greatly hurt your wallet.

4. Avoid buying unnecessary extras.

A lot of brand new car dealers will offer customers some accessories that are rather useless yet people end up buying them. If you choose to buy secondhand cars from a Beaudesert Ford dealer like Scenic Motors Beaudesert, they would not shove unnecessary extras down your throat.

5. Does not come with a number of extra fees.

Buying a brand new car can constrain you with a number of compulsory fees such as shipping or delivery, handling fee, sales tax, etc. These extra charges can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars; are you more than willing to shell out the money for those?

Used cars may come with a number of extra charges but it won’t be as pricey as the charges you get out of buying a brand new one. Moreover, most used car dealerships offer set prices which already include the necessary fees.

6. Get units that are still in top shape and condition.

A lot of people still find it daunting in purchasing a used car because of quality reasons. People think used cars are not as great in terms of condition, thus, they’ll only have to keep buying another one. While in some cases that can be a fact, however, if you land on a reliable car dealer that can offer top-quality used cars, purchasing one is a long-term investment.


Buying a used car does not only give you the benefit of saving thousands of dollars; you also get to experience the goodness of owning the car of your dreams for cheap.

If you are on the look for a reputable car dealer in Beaudesert, look no further and just visit Scenic Motors offer a range of car models including Scenic Mitsubishi, Ford, and Hyundai.

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Broken Car Windscreen: Should You Repair or Replace It?

While driving on a rough road, a rock suddenly hits your windshield, causing a palm-sized dent. Then, you think to yourself, “It’s just a crack; it won’t bother me over time.” However, be careful—the crack or chip on your windscreen will spread through the other parts if it is not taken care of.


Here’s how to know if which of repair or replacement is the better option.

Can a palm-sized crack be repaired or should I need to replace it?

Having it replaced or repaired depends on the size and damage.

Most repair shops can repair dime-sized cracks and will make your windscreen look good as new but the windscreen replacement suggests that chipped windscreens need to be replaced if the crack is more than three inches long.

The palm-sized crack on your windshield seems to be longer than 3 inches and to be able to get you out from your worries, you need to seek advice from repair and replacement shops. They can determine whether you need to repair or replace it by examining the severity of the damage caused by the rock.

Can Insurance Cover This Incident?

Yes, insurance companies for automotive cover these types of incidents but due to the costs, they might handle things differently than expected. If you plan on replacing it, they will let you pay first for the deductible and they will cover the rest of the expenses.

But if you decide to repair it, they will not let you pay the deductible and they will take care of the overall repair costs. Insurance companies do this because replacing an entire windscreen is more expensive than repairing it. Visit for more details.

Where Can I have My Windscreen Replaced?

There are a lot of windscreen replacement services out there but just some use high-quality materials. To know what kind of facility or person that you need to contact, read on:

1. Windscreen Repair Facilities

This type of facility specializes in repairing chips and cracks on your windscreen. However, they do not install new windscreens for your car.

2. Glass Specialist for Automotives

These guys know how it’s done when it comes to repairing or replacing your windscreen. They also fix other parts of your car like your side mirrors and windows.

3. Car Dealers

Car dealers usually have access to the original equipment manufacturer and they most likely have windscreens in store for you.

4. Mobile Repair and Replacement Services

With this type of repair and replacement services, you don’t have to drive to a service center to have your windscreen fixed. They will fix and install your windscreen on your house or wherever you may be.

If the crack is no longer than 3 inches, you can have the option to have it repaired but if it goes longer than that, you need to have it replaced to prevent any serious damage from happening.

You can search for windscreen repairs in Cumbria and have it replaced by experts. You can also visit to browse their services.

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