Guide to Different Karate Disciplines

Karate is one of the most popular forms of martial arts there is. It is the number one choice for parents who are looking to get their kids involved in martial arts from a young age. The beauty with enrolling your child in karate classes Perth has to offer is that the basics of this discipline will prepare them for more advanced and other forms of martial arts. If your child knows karate, it will be easier for them to transition and develop other techniques associated with other forms of martial arts. It is therefore important to consider what type of class you choose for your child. Perth karate classes come in many forms and skill levels. If possible, start with karate classes in Perth that focus on training your child with the pure discipline of a particular technique. For example, if your child wants to learn kick boxing or judo, make sure you choose a class that focuses on both techniques. Avoid classes that pair both techniques. It will also be easier on your child if they focus on one technique at a time. To help you choose the best karate classes in Perth, below are some of the disciplines you can choose from: Karate (Japanese Art) This is the most basic and common type of discipline of martial arts available nowadays. When looking for karate classes Perth has to offer, make sure that the institution or instructor offering it has proper training and credentials. This form of martial arts is about inculcating you with the skills to execute powerful kicks and punches. The kicks and punches are often associated with quick and sharp movement, making it difficult for the other to defend it. The quick action can also be dangerous to your kids who are performing them as it can cause the joints to snap. Proper warm up is vital before beginning a karate session. Tae Kwon Do (Korean) This is Korea’s version of karate that is also slowly gaining popularity in the martial arts world. This martial arts was first developed as a military art; eventually, it was adapted as a sport or taught in self-defense classes. Basing it on karate, it also involves kicking and punching but also incorporates breathing and meditation techniques. Judo Judo is a popular discipline in the world of competitive sport. Judo inculcates you with balance and leverage – two skills you need for the sport. The goal is to throw your partner off into the ground. This is one of the most difficult martial art techniques that requires a lot of control and self-discipline. Jujitsu This is another one of the most popular karate classes Perth has today. This is the base technique used in many martial artists today. In jujitsu, you are taught the technique to use your opponent’s weight and strength against them. It is also a practice that requires a partner; hence, it promotes a sense of cooperation and teamwork in your child. If you are looking for more ideas on martial art techniques for your child, you can also look at Aikido, Tái Chi and Kung Fu.
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