The RAM mount is a familiar piece of equipment in the world of motorcycling. This allows riders to have a mobile phone mounted onto their bike. Nowadays, we have GPS devices, smartphones, and other safety features, like cameras. All of which greatly improve the riding experience. Casual riders, commuters, and long-distance riders swear by having a RAM mount motorcycle owners use.

Installing a RAM mount is quick and easy. A wrench is just about what you need to take on this job. RAM mounts have different bolt sizes, so you may want to invest in a tool kit. Otherwise, the basic tool kits that come with your motorcycle might have what you need to mount one onto your handlebar.

Components of a RAM mount

The RAM mount comprises several parts. The mount’s focal point is the ram ball. Basically, this is a rubber ball mated to the mount which prevents it from moving around. As it is made from rubber, it isolates the electronics you have mounted and absorbs the vibrations coming from the road.

Opposite of the mount is the U-bolt kit. These are the clamps attached to the handlebar of your bike. But, if you don’t want a cleaner look, there are kits that allow you to attach the RAM mount to your mirrors and even the brake master cylinder.

And lastly, you have the attachment itself. You can choose from a variety of RAM mounts according to your needs. We look through the different mounts you can attach to your motorcycle, all of which you can order from

Types of RAM mounts

The mount allows you to fasten devices to it. For instance, the X-grip mount can hold just about anything thanks to its design. It can accommodate basic phones and smartphones. You name it, the X-grip can hold onto it. Its grip is strong enough to withstand high speeds on a motorcycle. This also comes with a safety feature called the tether. This rubber sleeve goes over the device attached to the X-grip and holds it down. This adds to the security of the mount in case you hit deeper potholes or encounter strong headwind.

If you have one of those shockproof cases like an OtterBox, chances are the X-grip RAM mount motorcycle owners use might not have enough room for it. This is where the universal holder comes in. The spring-loaded holder offers a deeper mount that accommodates larger phones and cases.

Another versatile variant is the Suction Cup Base. You can mount this on flat sections of the windscreen or even the tank. What makes it even better is you can use this outside of your motorcycle. Meanwhile, if you happen to have a car and a dashcam, you can simply transfer this mount onto the dashboard or the windscreen of your car.

Interestingly, this mount has several applications as well. For example, the RAM mount motorcycle enthusiasts use are also utilised in automobiles too. Those who want to place a tablet or a laptop on their dashboard can do so with the help of a RAM mount.