Many people with water-based passions rarely get to actualize them because of challenges in accessing private water vessels for transport. Getting onto a cruise ship may work for some people, but for others, the desire is to have a lot of private room in a boat to do as they please. This is where boat hire services come in handy. Whether you are interested in hiring a catamaran, boat or yacht, convenient boat rental Sydney has will make your dreams come true.

Here are just a few tips to enrich your boat hire and water excursion experience:

  1. Get hooked to the right boat depending on your needs

If you will be hanging out with a big group of friends or family, a pontoon will just be right for you. For a fishing expedition, obviously you will need a fishing boat. If you wish to spend some alone-time with your loved one, enjoying the breeze and sunshine, a bow rider would be ideal for you. Basically, a Sydney boat hire company will avail the right vessel for you if you tell them the kind of expedition you are going on!

  1. Know the terms and conditions of the boat hire company before settling on their vessel

Companies usually have different terms and conditions of using their vessel and as such, it is safer and better to opt for the provider that will cater to your needs best. Some companies have restrictions as to the distances that can be covered by their vessels or night-time uses. Also, be keen on the conditions put on handling damages on the boat and how this is differentiated from ordinary wear and tear.

The status of the vessel’s insurance should not escape your eyes either.

  1. Head out on the boating expedition only if you are qualified enough to handle the vessel hired

In many states, you may require boating management and safety lessons before you are allowed to operate one. Confirm with the company offering boat rental Sydney services about the applicable rules in the region where they operate. More often than not, there are even age restrictions to vessel drivers which you have to abide by.

  1. Assess the condition of the vessel before you board it

Obviously, if you have sufficient experience in operating a boat, you know a few things about its component parts and basic engineering. It is fair to be given the chance to assess the condition of a vessel before you head out to sea with it!

As a matter of fact, even if the boat is in good shape, you do not want to be charged by the boat hire Sydney company for scratches or fitting breakages that you are not responsible for.

  1. Ensure the boat is prepped with all the right safety equipment

Make the right preparations for any unforeseen emergency situations. Usually, the boat hire company provides the additional safety equipment. Check out the life jackets provided and adjust their sizes if necessary. Alternatively, each of your companions should carry their own jackets when coming on board!

East Coast Sailing offers you convenient boat hire services in Sydney. At, you will know how to book a vessel that befits you and your entourage.