A Velux skylight can magnify the effects of natural light on your home easily. It lets more light to come in and spread it through wonderful angles all over a room. It lets you enjoy the scenic view of the sky at night as well. However, such fascinating benefits come with certain cons that you should know before buying one.

Many Melbourne households worry about the heat their skylights generate on hot days. Their ability to let the sunshine in can also pull the temperature of your interiors up, which causes your air conditioning unit to work harder. This leads to higher energy bills to pay each month.

Of course, you want to keep such worries away while enjoying the perks of skylights.

How to enjoy the fascinating perks of skylights while keeping heat away

With the right choice of skylight and some tweaks, it can still keep your home cool during the hot summer days. Here’s how you do it:

Buy the right skylights

Begin by finding the right skylights for your home. Since you want to keep your home cool during the hotter months, find skylights with heat reduction features. When letting the natural light in, these types are made of glass that has qualities to minimise the amount of heat that passes through it.

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Consider proper positioning of skylights

When planning for the installation, be sure to position your Velux skylights towards the north or south. If your skylights face towards the east, your interior will heat up early on a hot day. Moreover, skylights facing toward the west can heat up a room during the afternoon.

Positioning your skylights towards the north or south would means they wouldn’t face the sun directly. But still, it can let enough sunlight into your house throughout the day.

Add skylight blinds or shades

You can also buy Velux blinds or shades to go with your skylights. These accessories can block sunlight efficiently, which also reduces heat that comes into your home. They are usually made-up of aluminium and feature surfaces that can reflect ultraviolet rays. That’s how they keep heat away, instead of absorbing it into your interior spaces.

Open your skylights when applicable

Simply opening your Velux skylights can reduce heat build-up within your home. Note that hot air has lesser density than cold air. Thus, opening your skylights can allow hot air to rise and go out, while letting denser cool air to come inside. You can also let more cool air to come in your home at night through this simple method.

It’s easy to enjoy the perks of skylights while keeping extreme heat outside your home. However, be sure to install a sufficient insulation system all over your house as well. That perfectly works with your skylights in making your home cooler and more inviting throughout the hottest Melbourne days.

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