Gone are the days of filler on car dents. With today’s technological advancements, you can do body repair without having to respray and alter panels. PDR, also known as Paintless Dent Removal, is a modern method that removes dents and large creases from vehicles. Many are now inclined to use this method with the many paintless dent repair course offerings available today.

paintless dent repair course

Why PDR?

Traditional repairs are time-consuming and tedious if not performed right. Shops that use plenty of filler and apply it inconsistently will not make your panels look right. This is what all paintless dent repair course offerings reiterate: traditional methods can damage both paint and bodywork in the future. It also doesn’t address the dent as well as PDR. The latter does not necessitate the use of fillers and sanding, so it’s easy to restore panels to their original condition with this method.

A quick “PDR training near me” Google search will show you how well-received PDR is in the automotive industry. This goes to show that it is a preferred method when it comes to body repairs.

What does PDR cover?

The beauty of PDR is that it can remove dents, dings, and relatively large creases on car panels. This technique utilizes a special tool that proves to be cheaper than replacing a panel or using body filler and repainting. If the dent does not involve any paint scratches, then PDR is the way to go. You can even enrol in a Paintless Dent Removal course if you wish to perform the repairs yourself. All it takes is some time and practice.

The Process

Not only is PDR a cost-effective solution, but it also saves plenty of time as what most paintless dent repair course classes mention. Shops that offer it can have everything done within a few hours to a day, depending on the extent of the damage. For example, cars that suffered from hail damage will take longer as the dents are more likely to cover a bigger surface area of the car.

Why go for PDR?

Shallow dents are rarely a big deal to car owners. These are merely aesthetic damages that will not affect the performance of the vehicle It’s also not unusual to get unnoticeable dents on your car as modern paint jobs are extremely durable. However, those who want to keep their vehicles pristine may want to take a look at PDR.

Pro or DIY?

Leave your car with professionals and pay for a hassle-free experience. But like most car repairs, you have the choice to do it yourself. If you’re the type who can’t just stand dents, then you might be better off trying out one of the many Paintless Dent Removal training courses near you. It’s always going to be a useful skill.

Whether it’s for your own car or doing it for a friend, there will be someone who needs their panels smoothened out. All you need are several special tools and skills that you can easily pick up with the help of The Dent Academy. It’s not a bad investment as well. Who knows? Maybe you might enjoy it and put up a shop of your own in the future.