Extreme weather can cause minor to serious damage in any car. Thus, it’s wise to protect your precious Honda car against the scorching heat in Brisbane.

In particular, you should do proper maintenance to keep it in good condition and comfortable to drive. Moreover, always bring it to a reliable Honda Newstead service centre when you notice any uncertainties.

Additionally, you need to learn the vital points in maintaining your car throughout the hot season. First, you need to keep it cool, without damaging any parts because of wrong solutions. Of course, you should also keep safety in mind, while driving or while servicing your car.

Yes, regular maintenance is still necessary; however, some specific reminders can help you optimize these factors through the hot days.

1. Supply sufficient fluids and lubes

Begin by supplying your Honda car with all the fluid it needs, such as the coolant and battery fluid. Be sure they’re all on a proper level before driving-off the garage.

Next, fill all the lubricants and oils to keep your car’s stellar performance steady. Remember that the heat could dry up oil easily; therefore, having sufficient oil can avoid the fast wearing out of many vital gears.

You can check out accredited Honda dealership and service centres for the best fluid and lubricants to buy. After all, you should purchase the best fluid that can last through the hot days for your Honda car.

2. Optimize the use of the air conditioning unit

Of course, be sure to make the most out of your air conditioning (AC) unit. Put it into recirculating mode since you don’t want the hot and humid air of Brisbane to reach inside your cabin.

Moreover, check your coolant level regularly for superior air conditioning in your car. And be sure to have it regularly checked for best performance despite the heat.

3. Cool your car down occasionally

Engine overheating can cause some of the biggest car damages during the hot season. Thus, be sure to practice cooling down your engine every now and then as you drive.

If you notice your engine temperature gauge going unusually high, for instance, stop your car for a while. Let it cool before driving again.

Moreover, let your engine cool before pouring in any fluid or coolant. Forcing a hot engine to cool down can seriously damage it. Better yet, be sure to supply it with enough fluid before hitting the road. When you notice any engine problem, always bring it to a reliable Honda servicing centre immediately.

On a side note, do not just open a hot radiator cap. Hot coolant tends to spray out which can seriously injure you. Let an expert from Honda Newstead service help you instead.

4. Inspect your tire pressure regularly

Hot weather and the hot road can heat up the air in your tires. This can cause additional tension on your tires, which can affect its pressure. Thus, check your tires regularly to avoid under inflation or over inflation, which can potentially cause your tires to blow-out. This simple reminder can keep you away from serious road accidents.

5. Keep the heat outside

Finally, keeping your car cool means keeping the heat outside. You wouldn’t want the heat to bake the interior of your cabin while you leave your car for a while, right?

Thus, find a favourable spot where you can leave your car, such as a parking area with sufficient roofing. You can also purchase a windscreen shade, or let experts at Honda Newstead service centre tint your windows.


Take note of these tips to keep your Honda car in good condition during the hot Brisbane days.

Remember to keep your Honda car cool, properly handle its hot day issues, and always keep your safety in mind. This should surely help you beat the Brisbane heat, which is trying to mess up with your precious car.

And if you want the best accredited Honda dealer Brisbane has today, you can check out AustralHonda.com.au. They offer the best units and the best servicing, which can help protect your car against the hottest days of the city.