A deluxe advertisement for a brand new car can be truly enticing. However, looking beyond those glossy cars is a number of monetary setbacks. Here are a few reasons why buying from secondhand car dealerships is a better buying decision to make.

1. Get the car model you want to purchase for a lower price tag.

The top obvious reason why people resort to buying secondhand cars versus a new one is that of the price difference. You can get your desired car model for cheap; the only difference is it is a few years older than a brand new one. The quality may not be as good but if you are careful enough in selecting one, used cars are a worthwhile investment.

2. Choose from a wide selection.

Used car dealers can give you a wide selection of car models, different years, colors and brands. You may choose the ones that fit your style and preference without breaking the bank.

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3. Avoid the hefty tax of buying a brand new car.

Most car dealerships will add sales tax on a brand new car and can range to thousands of dollars, depending on the upfront cost of the car. Paying tax is good as it is a legal obligation, but if you have a limited budget, it can greatly hurt your wallet.

4. Avoid buying unnecessary extras.

A lot of brand new car dealers will offer customers some accessories that are rather useless yet people end up buying them. If you choose to buy secondhand cars from a Beaudesert Ford dealer like Scenic Motors Beaudesert, they would not shove unnecessary extras down your throat.

5. Does not come with a number of extra fees.

Buying a brand new car can constrain you with a number of compulsory fees such as shipping or delivery, handling fee, sales tax, etc. These extra charges can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars; are you more than willing to shell out the money for those?

Used cars may come with a number of extra charges but it won’t be as pricey as the charges you get out of buying a brand new one. Moreover, most used car dealerships offer set prices which already include the necessary fees.

6. Get units that are still in top shape and condition.

A lot of people still find it daunting in purchasing a used car because of quality reasons. People think used cars are not as great in terms of condition, thus, they’ll only have to keep buying another one. While in some cases that can be a fact, however, if you land on a reliable car dealer that can offer top-quality used cars, purchasing one is a long-term investment.


Buying a used car does not only give you the benefit of saving thousands of dollars; you also get to experience the goodness of owning the car of your dreams for cheap.

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