Are you planning to spend a holiday in Spain? You have plenty of things to see or do depending on where in Spain you are headed to. If you are going to visit Basque Country, you are in luck because this is a haven for tourists! There are plenty of things to see and experiences to try in order to immerse in the local culture. But one of those that you cannot afford to miss is a visita bodega Txakoli winery tour. You cannot say you have fully experienced Spain without this particular item in your itinerary. The food culture of Spain is highly intertwined with the wine culture.

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About the Txakoli Wines

Aside from its delicious cuisine, one other thing that Spain is famous for is its local wines. The wines from Spain, specifically the Txakoli wines, are famous all over the world. Hence, there are a lot of tourists who include visita Txakoli or a tour of a Txakoli winery as part of their itinerary. Before you do Visita bodega chacolí tour, it is important to know about these wines first so you will have an appreciation for them. Click here

A txakoli wine (also known as Chacoli) is a slightly sparkling white wine. It is known for its high acidity level and low alcohol content. The Txakoli wine is famously grown in the regions of Basque Country and northern Burgos. A huge percentage of the txakoli wines in the world are produced in Spain, although a minor percentage of it is from Chile too. It is a type of wine that is often served before or after a meal. There are several varieties of them available especially since there are more growers for this type of wine now than ever before (partly due to its popularity as well). Hence, you can select more wineries to visit such as bodega Txakoli Getaria has or in some other parts of Spain like Biscay, Alava, and Cantabria.

About the Tour

When you book a tour for visita bodega Txakoli winery, you need to know what to expect. During your winery visit, the transportation will be provided for the participants. Depending on the type of tour you booked, you could visit one or more wineries. Each tour will be accompanied and led by an expert guide. The guide will provide information about the history of the winery and the different types of wines available. The winery themselves are located in a beautiful location and are worth exploring the vineyard for.

During the wine tour, you can also get a wine tasting experience. There are also light appetizers that might be served so you can enjoy the wine. If you want to purchase some wine to take home with you, you will have to pay extra for those bottles. The same goes when you order meals since most of the wineries have their own restaurants too.

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